Knumerics is a design and OEM manufacturing company based in North Yorkshire. We manufacture products for other retailers and also sell our own products under the Knumerics Design, 2Steves names. Knumerics Design is currently focused on two areas; narrowboat & widebeam interiors, and recording studio furniture and design. 2Steves is a music instrument & equipment brand, also manufactured and supplied by Knumerics.

We primarily work with CNC routed wood cabinet constructions, and assemble our products with metal hardware and electronics as required. We use a spray facility to apply a variety of finishes to our products and apply tolex wraps for some classic amplifier type designs.

For all enquiries please contact us at office@knumerics.co.uk, or telephone 01765-522-764.

Knumerics Design – 18″ Porthole Liners & Blinds